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GAS was founded in 2011 with the goal of making photographic shoots run smoothly.

It all began when a shoot in LA was brought to a standstill due to chaos and no broom!

We decided shoots can’t be run like this and created a business that would ensure this never happened again. We started by buying a van, filling it with useful equipment, and renting it to people who needed it. As shoots have become more complex, we've adapted our services to provide the latest kit, three fully equipped London studios, and guidance to production teams.

Our mission is to help get jobs done, make clients happy, and make everyone's life easier. That's shooting with GAS.

Everything you need. None of the faff. Three fully serviced North London studios with infinity coves, daylight options, great coffee and across the road from our kit warehouse.

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GAS are proud to be the sole supplier of Hapaca - unique, hand painted canvas backdrops and various types of fabrics for photographic and film sets, interior designers, fashion shows, exhibitions and more.

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